Opened in 2003, the Drug Users Resource Centre was an award winning, safe, supportive and welcoming space for all members of the DTES community. With a focus on meeting the ‘on-the-ground’ needs of user communities in the DTES, the Centre offered a broad spectrum of services, including Narcan and overdose prevention training, on site primary care and methadone clinic, user group specific programming and education, barrier-free health and therapeutic interventions, pre-vocational skills training, work and volunteer opportunities, arts and cultural programming, housing support, referrals and advocacy. Sadly, the centre's funding was cut by the previous provincial government in 2016.


Jib Users Group

The DURC Jib Users Group was a user run group that met once a week to provide education around safer consumption and health care relating to jib (meth) use. They also made their own pipes to offer the jib using community to reduce the spread of disease, at-risk behaviour and crime relating to the sale of pipes.


Brew Co-op | Drinkers' Lounge | Alcohol Exchange

The DURC Brew Co-op and Drinkers' Lounge was a community run group of non-beverage alcohol consumers such as mouth wash and cleaning products, who learned to brew their own beer and wine. The group discussed health related problems due to illicit alcohol consumption and offered an alcohol exchange program where members could trade in non-bevarage alcohol for beer or wine. Members noted drastic improvements in their health and sense of self worth from being able to contribute and be a part of a caring community.


Ashley Sagutch Memorial


DURC celebrates and marches for 14th anniversary of InSite